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Reality check - A book about XR in business

Find out how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are benefiting organisations all over the world - and how you can take advantage.

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The cover of the book, Reality Check, by Jeremy Dalton
14 chapters, 238 pages
it's not just about video games...

Did you know that VR and AR have applications in every business sector?

From learning and development...

Shop assistants, engineers, bankers and humanitarian aid workers use VR for soft skills training as well as practical exercises.

To sales and marketing

Retail, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications companies use VR and AR to enhance sales and better understand consumer behavior.

And that's only the start. Hear from over 50 different businesses applying VR and AR technology.

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build your understanding from the ground up

What will you get from this book?

  1. A strong understanding of VR and AR applications in business
  2. Data from academic and corporate studies on the value of VR and AR
  3. Common misconceptions about VR and AR discussed and debunked
  4. How to mitigate challenges when deploying VR and AR solutions in business
  5. A beginner's guide to creating quality 360 video
  6. Insight on why now is the right time for VR and AR technology

Be informed on how VR and AR could help your business

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“Virtual reality and augmented reality will become a daily part of both of our personal and professional lives”
Jeremy Dalton
Author of reality check AND HEAD OF VR/AR at PwC uk

What's in the book?

Check out a breakdown of the chapters below along with a short description of each one.

1. Introduction

A summary of the state of immersive technology which also covers the basic definitions of VR, AR and connected terms.

2. Why XR means business *

An overview of the strengths of VR and AR and what makes them powerful technologies in business.

3. Learning and development *

An exploration into key soft skills and practical skills applications of VR, including diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and remote assistance.

4. Operations *

Hear about how XR can enhance everything from collaboration to data visualization, revealing hidden information in the world around us and helping people to work remotely more effectively.

5. Sales and marketing *

How can the medium of XR be used to understand consumers, market products, and enhance sales? Find out in this chapter.

6. Five phases of XR implementation

Discover, design, develop, deploy, debrief - an introduction to the five phases of any XR project and why they're important.

7. Discover challenges

The challenges you may face in the discover phase - what to be aware of and best practices.

8. Design and develop challenges *

The challenges you may face in the design and develop phase - what to be aware of and best practices.

9. Deploy and debrief challenges *

The challenges you may face in the deploy and debrief phase - what to be aware of and best practices.

10. A beginner's guide to creating quality 360 video content (by Alex Rühl)

Award winning VR director, Alex Rühl, contributes a guest chapter on how to create quality 360 video content, an easily accessible but hard to master form of VR content.

11. Common misconceptions and criticisms of XR *

You may have heard statements that 'VR is dead' and 'VR makes people sick', that XR is expensive and impossible to scale - all of these misconceptions are explored in this chapter.

12. Why now? *

A number of arguments that discuss why, despite a rocky past, the conditions are now right for XR to flourish.

13. Conclusion

An executive summary of the state of XR and what the future holds for this wonderous technology.

14. The machinery behind XR *

A bonus chapter for the extra keen: a deeper dive into the more technical aspects of XR technology covering head-mounted displays, handheld devices, projection systems and large screens.


Should you ever raise a confused eyebrow while reading this book or any other XR material, this glossary is your friend with nearly 100 definitions of terms used in the XR industry.

* these chapters contain real-life case studies of XR being implemented in business

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ABOUT THE author

Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy helps clients understand, quantify, and implement the benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality technology (sometimes collectively referred to as XR, immersive technologies or spatial computing). He has given talks all over the world on the subject of XR and has been featured in newspapers, radio, and online through The Financial Times, the BBC, and others.

As part of his mission to educate, connect and inspire, he has worked with the World Economic Forum on XR initiatives and currently sits on the advisory board of Immerse UK, a UK government supported cross-sector network for businesses, research groups and educational organisations that are engaged with immersive technologies.

He also happens to be a Chartered Accountant (but prefers not to advertise that too loudly!).

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